We can design you an Amazing Website
that matches your business-style and brings you more customers!

We'll keep the experience professional and fun! We assist with graphic art creation, website design and development, photography, wording and content creation, and much more! We'll help during the entire process, from original ideas and concept designs to refining the code and going live. Afterward we can become a resource to answer your technical questions or make any updates requested. Check out our Recent Work, and Make Contact anytime!

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Recent Projects

cut-out images from www.meglabyte.com websiteVisit the site here

Website MegLAByte.com

cut-out images from www.babiesandbeyonddaycare.com websiteVisit the site here

Website BabiesAndBeyondDaycare.com

cut-out images from www.prattsplumbing.net websiteVisit the site here

Website PrattsPlumbing.net

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Random FAQ and Resources

What's the process like? +

We make contact and discuss what goals you have and the main reasons behind the site design/redesign. We try to find out as much as we can about your company and your interests and style. If we're a good fit we'll move forward to actually designing mockups with layout and graphic ideas. We refine these as much as needed until you are completely thrilled with the design! When approved, we'll move the design live onto our hosting account with your website domain name. The target is 3-5 weeks, but if you have a different schedule we'll work with it!

Can I host my website anywhere? +

No. To keep maintenance and changes simple we only support sites that are hosted by us. However the artwork we design belongs to you, and you are free to use it however you would like. The website domain name also belongs to you. The layout and design work (stylesheets and other supporting code files) belong to us.

Will there be any advertisements on the website? +

No! We're not usually insistent on doing things one-way, but advertisements are one of those things we really can't stand and we feel polute the work/art. Alternatively, if you're getting tons of traffic to your site and are interested in adding ads to get extra income, we can help set it up. But we would never impose it, ever!

Are there revision fees for redesigning anything? +

No. Fees are based per project, and revisions are viewed as a necessary part of making sure the design fits your style completely! We're targeting long term partnerships. We want every part of our work to be a perfect fit for you, and will revise as often as necessary to achieve that goal.

What technologies do you support? +

We speak PHP, a few flavors of JavaScript, and of course HTML, with some CSS files thrown in for styling. As far as CMS software we work mostly with WordPress, but can also help with Joomla and Concrete5. But hey! If it's something custom we could check it out and help with it, or refer someone else that could help. We also read up on SEO best practices and work hard to make sure the site is very searchable! We make sure to keep our code compliant.

Why choose CyberDust? +

There are many great designers to choose from! We're a great choice because we write clean code and always challenge ourselves to learn new techniques. We want to build relationships for the long-term, so we'll go the extra-mile to make sure your goals are met. We're professional! We're dependable and take a business approach to design. If there's something we can't do, we'll figure it out quickly. Web Design technologies change constantly! We work hard to keep up and stay ahead!